This site aims to keep you in touch with all and any matters related, however remotely, to Folk & Acoustic music in East Devon, West Dorset and nearby.


Where we aim to keep you unto date with interesting  local folky things                                                                                                          We shall  be publicising local events, carrying features such as reviews of performances, local CDs and venues, and we welcome contributions from you.

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Folk at the Brewery 

An Exciting new seasonal  folk event  at Half Moon Village (just the other side of Exeter

  • It is a seasonal event: second Tuesday in June (summer), September (autumn), December (winter) and March (spring).  
  • We are aiming to be a platform venue for good, traditional, floor performers and we feature two 'Hanlon's Half Hour' slots for invited local talent to do a 'proper' set. 
  • We want to encourage better quality performance standards. 
  • Another aim is to bring folkies together from the various clubs across the region.
  • We also enhance the seasonal theme with a relevant craft on display (summer was festival paper faces, autumn will be corn dollies). 
  • It costs £5 entry, but that does include a brewery pint and a pasty.



 So it won't necessarily be folk and it won't necessarily be East Devon, but if we think it will be of interest it will be here. We aim to publicise gigs, events and folk clubs. We want to promote local talent , venues and music

So if you know of something that should be on these pages let me know  Jolly

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Forthcoming featured event

Friday 13th November           Gigspanner

The David Hall South Petherton 8.0pm £15

Gigspanner's musical reach flirts with Eastern European, French, Cajun. African and even Aboriginal influences, transporting audiences on a 'blistering pace of a musical World tour' (Folkcast), and prompting the late Sir Terry Pratchett to write: 'Peter Knight can spin the world on his bow'.

It has been a long time in the works, but Gigspanner's riveting new album, Layers of Ages, (selected by the Daily Telegraph's Martin Chilton as one of his 'Best 31 Folk music albums of 2015') sees the band blowing the dust from a collection of well-worn Traditional music and song to reveal authentic moments of staggering originality and great beauty.

"Gigspanner has taken traditional tunes as a starting point and rearranged, orchestrated and improvised around them to create fascinating new works, leaving no doubt that Gigspanner's increasingly impressive sound is like no other" Folk Radio UK

"Gigspanner work together in musical genius" EFDSS Magazine

"A glorious musical tour de force. Simply exquisite" - Spiral Earth



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