This site aims to keep you in touch with all and any matters related, however remotely, to Folk & Acoustic music in East Devon, West Dorset and nearby.

Back to the Future ! 

Jurassic Folk & Acoustic and Jurassic Jam now have their own website at, and therefore it seemed desirable for our site, to revert to its original purpose, which is to disseminate and exchange information about local folk and acoustic events, musicians, bands, relevant facilities and lots more, and that is starting from now.

The site will be run by Jolly, who amongst other things, provides all the fabulous photos for Jurassic Folk, and has done so since the very beginning, and we welcome hearing about any things which you'd like to bring to the notice of our local audience. We shall also be carrying features such reviews of performances, local CDs and venues, and we welcome contributions from you.

Jolly can be contacted at, and we are very happy to have handed over this facility to him. You will no doubt hear from us, Hil and me, from time to time when we have have something useful to impart, but meanwhile... over to Jolly..


Peter & Hilary  



Last Updated 
30th October 2014